Saturday, August 30, 2008

Welcome to My New Blog Site

After too much wasted time and frustration trying to make my old blog work and look the way I wanted, I have cut my losses and switched over to Blogger. I hope that you found me without any trouble. If you have any interest in any of my old posts, they can still be found on my old blog.

This is still a work in progress, so in the next few days/weeks, I will be updating my favorite blogs, adding pictues and other new features I now have available, so please stop by again soon to see all the changes.

I also have lots of other projects I worked on over my summer vacation (from blogging) to share.

On my side bar you will see that I have joined the Quilting Bloggers. They have an awesome directory of quilting bloggers throughout the WORLD. You can search by country, state, blog title, etc. They also have a directory of quilt stores throughout the world. Go check them out.