Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Blue Canning Jars

I love old blue canning jars.  Ball, Atlas, Ideal, Mason, doesn't really matter the brand or the age.  Most of mine are Ball jars - probably because they are the most common, and I live in Indiana (the Ball factory was in Muncie, IN).   I just love the color and the functionality of them.  I started collecting them a few years back, all bought from garage sales and thrift stores.  I think the most I have paid for any one is about $2; most were bought for less than $0.50 each.

 I don't collect them because of any real value they may have or with the plans of selling them and making big money in the future.  I collect them because I like them and I use them.

I use them as display pieces...

I use them to store things...
I have one I use as a table lamp...
... and even used 3 of them to make a chandelier for our home office...

I probably have about 30 of them and have often wondered about the different marking on them.

So just for fun, I bought this book recently...
1000 Fruit Jars
It has drawings of all the different canning jar markings, descriptions, and estimated values (as of 2007 I believe). 
It has been fun looking at all my jars and figuring out which ones are worth what.  I won't get rich on my collection should I tire of it and decide to sell (most are worth about $3, a few are worth $10, and I have 2 worth about $35 each),  but the book is fun and interesting.

If you have a canning jar collection or are thinking of starting one, it is definitely worth the $6 as a handy reference guide.  I even picked up an extra copy for my "junking buddy" Lori at Fresh Picked Whimsy.  I think I probably scored 1/3 of them with her one day when she and her family were visiting at the lake and we went to a barn sale.  They had boxes of them and were selling them for $0.50 each!  But SHHHH  don't tell her I got her a copy - its a surprise!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

New Listings in my Etsy Store

In the last few days I have listed some wonderful vintage items in my Etsy Store!  
Please stop by and take a closer look...

This is a beautiful piece of mid-century California pottery.  Can be used as a relish tray or chip and dip platter.  Beautiful aqua/turquoise blue on one piece and a speckled off-white and tan on the other!
Small, hand painted Fire King serving bowl.
Cute depression glass bowl, great for storing odds and ends on your desk, keys or to actually use in the kitchen.

This is a gorgeous hand crocheted bedspread made of very heavy cotton thread.  I love the 3 dimensional ball on it!  I was going to keep it, but didn't really have the right place for it so decided to give it up.


Friday, April 9, 2010

The sun is setting on our Florida vacation...

All good things must come to an end. We leave tonight to start that long trip back home from southern Florida. Why does the dive home always take so much longer than the drive down?