Monday, August 30, 2010

Where Does the Time Go?

Summer is always a hard time for me to keep up with my creative projects and therefore to have something interesting to blog about.

This summer it was harder than ever.  My 15 year old daughter got her first part-time job.  She was a lifeguard at a local country club.  I know it is a right of passage, good experience, etc... but it was a lot of work for me, and I didn't get paid for it.  Add to this 2 sports, 2 other children to shuttle about, and two 50th Anniversary parties for both Dave's and my parents,  left no time for crafty endeavors.

Everyone is back in school, and things are still busy with with school and sports, and life in general, but I am excited to get back at it. 

Here is a brief look at the fun times of the summer...