Monday, April 6, 2009

The Sun has Set on Another Great Vacation

We arrived home from Florida yesterday morning. We made our best driving time ever (about 18.5 hours) from south of Fort Myers. This same trip normally takes about 20 and has taken upwards of 24 hours depending upon traffic, construction, accidents, rest room stops, etc. So to make it in under 19 was amazing.

We had a wonderful vacation. We started out with 3 days at Disney, which is always fun.

It was the first visit to Disney for our youngest P. Our daughters (M & C) had been there before, but were only 5 and 2 at the time and didn't remember much. The parks were not particularly crowded - especially for spring break time. We made great use of the Fast Pass system, and never waited more than 30 minutes for any ride (our longest wait was for Dumbo - which no one really wanted to go on, but no trip to Disney is complete without!).

Day one was at Epcot - which was our least favorite park. But we managed to find plenty to keep us busy and had lots of fun.

We stayed at All-Star Music in one of their family suites which was just perfect. The kids enjoyed the pool, and the activities in the evening (dance party, Mario WII and movies on the big screen all around the pool.

Day 2 was at Magic Kingdom, complete with fireworks and the lighted parade. This was by far our favorite park.
Day 3 was at Disney Hollywood Studios which we also loved. The conclusion to the Disney portion of our trip was Dave being picked to be an extra in the Indiana Jones Stunt show! You can watch the videos of it here on YouTube. They are quite funny, especially if you know Dave. His nieces will get a big kick out of the "audition" where he put into good use his famous "butt dance" he is asked to do each time his family gets together!

The rest of our wonderful 10 day Florida vacation was spent with my parents at a condo they rent in Estero. We had lots of fun at the pool and the beach. Wave jumping, fishing, para sailing, etc... The weather was perfect! We could not have asked for a better time! Thanks mom and dad for the accommodations and all the great food and company!

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Jenni Vorderman said...

I didn't know you guys were doing Disney! Looks like a great time... I can't wait to have a beer and hear all about it!
BTW hope Pat is ready to show off his finger knitting skills, because Jackson is on FIRE!