Monday, February 9, 2009

Great Weekend!

What a great weekend!

Friday, my husband and I had a special "date" night with our youngest (son - 7) and took him to the movies to see Pink Panther 2. Movie was ok, but just spending the evening with my 2 favorite guys made it great. Watching my son laugh at all the corny jok
es and stunts made me laugh just as hard!

Saturday, we went to Indianapolis to the book launch of my cousins new children's book.

(Lori is front right, the author Anne is back right, our middle daughter C is front left, followed by me, oldest daughter M and hubby Dave)

As I mentioned in Friday's post, she illustrated her first kids book and we are so excited for her! We spent the night at their house and laughed and talked till late! She gave us a special signed and numbered copy and I bought several to give as gifts and donate to the kids libraries at school!

(here is the "house" of the author where the launch party was held!!)

Sunday before heading back home, Lori and I went to a few resale and antique stores in her hometown of Carmel. We always have so much fun when we do this...

This was my favorite booth - I love how all the kitchen stuff is grouped together by color!

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Lori McDonough said...

We always have so much fun with you guys!!!! Thanks for coming to my big event. xoxo