Thursday, March 5, 2009

Quite Taxing

It has been a "taxing" few days. Literally... trying to get our taxes done - I am the "accountant" in the family - that is scary!!!

And when the numbers get to be too much, I have been taking a break by sorting, folding (using this method - thanks Amanda Jean for inspiring me to get this started), and trying to organize my fabric stash.

Although both are "taxing" projects, and I have miles to go on both, I have at least taken the first step by starting them!!

I did steal a little time between these two projects to start a new quilt project. I will only give you a peak of it. I am still playing with the pattern (I am developing), colors, layout, etc. but a put a few sample blocks together into a small wall hanging or pillow (haven't decided which yet). I am hoping to develop my "vision" into a my first full blown quilt pattern. Keep your fingers crossed!

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