Monday, December 7, 2009

New Items for Sale in My Etsy Shop

I made these as Christmas gifts for my friends and neighbors with their "family" name. I got such a positive response to them that I decided to make a few inspirational word on them and list them in my Etsy store...I took all the pictures myself. They are black and white on a black satin painted board.
The edges are sanded to reveal the wood beneath and to act as a "frame".All the "letters" were found in downtown Fort Wayne, Indiana.
I have more I will be posting later this week.
Custom names or other words are available. Please message me and I would be happy to put together a reserved listing for you! I am offering free gift wrapping, gift tag and drop shipping if needed for all stock and custom orders through December 17.

Custom orders are priced as follows...

$15 base price + $2.50 per letter + shipping.

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Maggie said...

I love your spin on these - I've seen others before, but the way you mount them really works.