Thursday, February 18, 2010

Office Space Redesign - Again...

Every time I think I have my office plan finished, Ana at KnockoffWood posts some new furniture plans, and things I thought that were beyond my budget suddenly become do-able, and I keep changing what I want!!!

If you have never been to Ana's blog, then you must check it out!  She designs plans for "knock off" furniture from places such as Pottery Barn, Ballard Designs, West Elm, etc... and posts the plans, material lists, sometimes even exact cutting plans on her blog FREE!!!

And now is an even better time to check her out as she is having a giveaway!!!  If you go to her site, and enter her giveaway, please note in your comment that you hear about her from me - then maybe we can both win!!!  She is having a giveaway to celebrate 1,000,000 blog hits since the start of her blog 3 months ago - as a fellow blogger I can only image that many hits - way to go Ana!!!

So, my center worktable that I blogged about here will be redesigned (slightly smaller) to accomodate two of these...
(image from

...that hubby and I will be making - only without the drawers - I just want shelves where the drawers are - at least for now - maybe later I will decide I want or need the drawers and we can make them then.

She has the plans for the basic bookshelf (the secretary pictured above is just 2 stacked on top of each other, with drawers inserted, and a drop down desk) on her site now.  They will fit perfectly on either side of a floor to almost-ceiling window on one wall of our dining room/office.

Now, before she posts another "must have piece" I'd better get to Lowe's and get the supplies I need for these. 

Assuming I don't change my mind another dozen times, I will post pictures of my progress in making these for you when I get them started.

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Amy Jo:) said...

Hi! Thanks so much for the sweet comments left on my blog! I love the blog you directed me to! She is amazing! My Dad was pleased when he went to make the entryway pieces...and a bookshelf from land of nod, they ALL post their exact dimensions on their websites. Most probably for ease of knowing if it will fit in your space, but my Dad said it made duplicating them super easy:) BUT - plans would definitely help even more!!!!! I will have to show him this! Thanks again!