Sunday, October 19, 2008

First Ever Giveaway and Contest

Well, I'm having my first ever giveaway, and contest rolled into one!

I am once again trying to make some sense out of my sewing/craft room. Actually, I never really finished it last year when my hubby and I cleaned out a whole big room in the basement to consolidate all my crafting/sewing into one workspace. We had it about 80% done, and had some good things going on, like my peg wall next to my sewing area...

But before finishing, I started working on projects, and one thing led to another and entropy took over, and a small hurricane, one tornado, etc... and now I have a huge mess on my hands again.
So my goal is to get it totally cleaned up and organized - and the real goal is to have some soft of system to keep it that way! (ha, ha, ha!) I think if I can show hubby that I can keep it clean, I may be able to grab some space upstairs in the daylight instead of being banished to the basement! Don't get me wrong, I like my cave. While I was in Florida visiting my parents last winter, Dave had some people come and install an extra heat vent, and an electric baseboard heater by my sewing machine to keep my tootsies warm. He also had some additional lighting installed. As I said, I like my cave, but having some natural sunlight and not doing the steps all the time sure would be nice.

So here is where my giveaway comes in...

Do you have a suggestion for keeping my space neat and clean?

Do you have a craft or sewing room that you are proud of?

Do you have a system for organizing your fabric stash, craft supplies, etc... that works?
If so, then enter the giveaway in one of 4 ways...

  • Leave me a comment with your suggestion for controlling the chaos - you will receive one entry into the giveaway.
  • Leave me a comment with a link to the page where you have blogged about your space or system (or your fliker, photobucket, picasa, etc. photo site) in a comment so that we can all see it and be inspired by it! - you will receive 2 entries into the giveaway for a link to pictures of your space or system.
  • You can also enter your link, by clicking on the Mister Linky icon at the bottom of this post. These will also generate 2 entries into the giveaway.
  • If you put a link on your site back to my blog about the giveaway, then you will receive 2 additional entries.

All entries must be received by October 31.

The winners will be randomly selected from all entries received.

The first place winner will receive 6 fat quarters in a variety of these vintage sheets I recently picked up, and the second place winner will receive 4.
Now for the contest part...

A contest means that there is a competition, and someone wins. In order to win the contest, you have to have what is, in my humble opinion, the best workspace for me! I know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and in this case, I am the beholder, so I get to be both judge and jury!

Keep in mind, that all work is being done on a strict - "don't spend any money" budget, so big expensive professional studios are not what I am looking for. I like to see those, but I am looking for cheap and easy ways to make my space functional, fun, organized and easy to keep it that way.

The winner of the contest will also win 6 fat quarters of vintage sheet material, and be featured on my blog page!

In addition, if I incorporate your system, or use your pictures as inspiration for my space, I will send you 2 fat quarters.

I hope I have provided you with some motivation to share with me your spaces. You know I must be desperate to share with you the before pictures of my current space.

Now get out there and take some pictures and let us see them. If you have a previous post about your space or your methods of organization in your sewing room, you can link to those too - they do not have to be new posts.



My best investment, was my cutting table, its hollow under neath, so I can store 12 large clear rubbermaid containers, where I store my fabric stash by color and kinds of fabric... I need to be able to see it also keep it clean from NYC black dust... so sticking it on a shelf doesn't work for me... Once i get my camera back, (hope tomorrow) I can take some pictures, otherwise there is a couple on my blog when my studio was clean!

good luck!


oh! and I keep 3 more bins, just for scraps... one for brown/greens/blacks one for red/blues and one for pinks/yellows oranges etc... having them out accessible, helps me to keep making scrap quilts to get rid of all the extra bits! it works for me...

amandajean said...

well, you've seen my folding method. since I used it a year an a half ago and just recently re-folded, I have to say that is a pretty darn good method. my larger pieces I just wrap around a 6" ruler and store them as flat folds. that also works remarkably well. I think that each person has to find a solution that works for them, so I hope that you can find one perfect for you.

Lori McDonough said...

I know i'm not a sewing girl like you, but i did just overhaul my studio and thought i would share. I do think you would benefit from a center table with really great lighting overhead. The lights i got are just IKEA lampshades with those common hanging light fixtures underneath. I can't believe what a difference they made in my space.

cassie said...

Wow you have a lot of fabric on the shelf! Maybe you could hang them. You mentioned that you are doing this on a budget (and it would take alot of hangers), so you could get some wire hangers (maybe from a local thrift store, usually free). You could either string a very tight line, or hang a bar. Good luck!

Nathalie Brault said...

The thing that works for me is a shelf unit . I fold everything neat and tidy and in it's place and try to keep it that way and believe me it ain't easy.

Mel said...

I had my husband install floresent lighting. Two good reasons, it's inexpensive, it lights a large area, it doesn't create heat like some lighting fixtures can. OK, that's three reasons, all the better!

I have my studio set up in 'areas'. One for my computer / Scrapbooking, one for sewing / ironing, one for cutting, and an area for my 3 year old to play.

My sewing station is set up in an 'L' shape. As I am sitting in front of my machine, to my right is an ironing board lowered to the height I can use it while sitting. Then I am not running back and forth between my machine and iron pressing seams etc. On my left is a small cutting board 18X12 to trim or square single blocks as they are made.

Behind most of these 'areas' are bookshelves I purchased inexpensively at **Mart. On them I have my fabrics arranged by color unless I've purchased a collection of a specific line. Quilting books are also on shelves and so is a stereo so I can listen to my audiobooks.

Under my cutting table, I have a basket to collect my trimmings. I don't save anything under 1 1/2 X 6. Then when I have time, I take the basket out and sort the scraps by color into see through totes.

I have garbages in all the diferent areas. I use a large plate/picture easel to hold my books as I am reading how to construct a block.

How ever you choose to organize, you will find it's easier to sew and inspiraion will be able to flow better - a feng shui thing!

I've run on and on! To see some photos of my studio in my basement, visit my blog at

Alesha said...

Wow, that's one stash. I just started sewing so my stash isn't so big. It fits in a Wal-mart bag, but bins and basket are how I keep other things in my house from getting out of control.

noreen said...

Take the things that need to be organized and take them all out. Decide what you use the most often, your go to material. Fold them neatly, try different folds until you find the one that works for you and the shelf. Organize by color and or type, whatever makes the most sense for your projects. In your doors fill them with things that are small and you tend to dig through, scraps or embellistments. I will try and come up with more suggestions. Good Luck.

Diane said...

I realize that my little (closet) studio would not work best for you, but it IS amazing what you can do with a small space. See through bins and shelves are great. They can be labeled, moved around, stacked etc.

If space is an issue, Ikea has a collapsable table with storage. It's the Norden Gateleg Table. One of my friends has it and loves it!

One last little tidbit: I love command hooks. They're strong, removable and no pegboard required!

Anonymous said...

I use draws to fit my fabric in now, but I used plastic tubs at first. You could stack all your magazines and books into piles and add a board of wood on top for a table.
A fabric covered "inspiration board" could be used to store all those little magazine pictures and bits of fabric you use for inspiration (hence the name).
I go down to the local shoe shops and ask for any empty show boxes, then I cover them with beautiful gift wrap and transparent plastic and store all my bits and bobs in them according to their labels.
Make your own tote bags out of an old sheet and you could use them to store things in, even hanging them on the walls with hooks.
A curtain rod can come in handy, and doesn't need to be hung near a window...