Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Let Me Start One More Project!

Life is busy. I know that we can all say the same. I was spoiled by not having to work too much this summer, but now things have picked up and I am traveling a lot lately. I am back in Pittsburgh this week, and in Michigan next. I forgot to bring any of my numerous projects with me to do in the evening in the hotel, so I had to go out and get a new one to start!

I’m invited to a baby shower this weekend, and decided to whip up a quick baby quilt. She is obviously having a girl! It is going to be a “whole cloth” quilt, with hand quilting.

We are also invited to a housewarming party this weekend, and should really make up something for that too, but now sure when I will have the time! Any suggestions for a quick housewarming gift?!?


nannergirl said...

Hey! I linked here from the House Home and Pantry class blog. I noticed you were looking for house warming gift ideas. There's a great tutorial at http://ayumills.blogspot.com/
for a fabric basket. It's small, but you could quickly enlarge it. I'm pretty slow and got it done in less than an hour.

nannergirl said...

oh darn! I just scrolled down on your blog and you've already made the fabric basket...sorry!