Thursday, October 2, 2008

Vintage Thingie Thursday - Fire King Bowls

I love these polka dot fire king bowls. I actually saw them in a book one time, and decorated my lake house kitchen red around them. Mind you, at the time I did not own one, but loved them so much that I wanted a collection of them at the lake house, and used red as my color in anticipation of aquiring some.

Then, after searching high and low, and finding out that they were hard to come by and quite pricey, I found the red one at a furniture resale shop. It was inside a metal fondue pot holder, and priced at a whopping $10! I don't think the shop knew what they had!

The black and white one I found last year on my annual birthday "junking" trip with my cousin Lori.
I don't remember where I got the striped one, but I just liked it. I now have another small red and white one, but took this picture earlier in the summer before I found that one.
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Coloradolady said...

I too love the polka dot fire king bowls. Mind you, I do not have one, because they are always so pricey. Props to you for finding one for 10.00 bucks. That was a great deal. I really like how you have them displayed. Very nice.

Jewelgirl said...

You have my complete attention
these are sooooo cute! Love them!

marianedwardsdreamweaver said...

What fab bowls...I adore polka dots! Love your little stool/bench too :)

Jennifer said...

Those are great! I never find those when I am out treasure hunting.

Mary said...

Oh wow! Those bowls are great! Now I want one! :) That's the problem with VTT, all I do is look at your alls stuff and come up with more stuff that I want! lol.