Thursday, May 28, 2009

Old Bottles

I love finding old medicine bottles at garage sales or thrift stores. They make great windowsill vases for some cut flowers out of my garden.

They are nice and skinny so they easily fit in shallow places. I like the colored ones the best, but the clear will do too!

On a separate note, I am blown away by the number of comments/entries I have received from the May Giveaway Day. I think I received more comments yesterday then I have the entire year and a half I have been blogging combined! I guess I will have to give things away more often.

If you are looking for how to enter that giveaway, please scroll down the page 2 posts.

Thanks for stopping by and good luck.


MLE said...

What a great idea! That window is so cute with those bottles and flowers on it! Yes, I wish I had gotten my act together to enter the Giveaway Day..maybe next time!

Hootie said...

I love your bottle collection! I like searching thrift shops too or GoodWill for tiny little vases. I never even considered pill bottles! Thanks for the thought.

And I like your polka dots above! Very cute and fresh!