Monday, September 29, 2008

Date Day with My Hubby

Last Tuesday, Dave took a day off work, and he and I went up to the lake to get the jet ski out for the season. It was a beautiful day. Low 80's, sun shining, slight breeze... just perfect.

We went to lunch at this restaurant...

The bathroom walls were covered with actual flip flops screwed to the wall. It was so cute. I don't think I have ever taken pitures of a public restroom before... first time for everything!

After lunch, we put the jet ski in at a neighboring lake and took a cruise around. This is of the biggest lake in our area, and we have often talked of "trailering" the jet ski to it for the day, but never did it. The weather was so nice, we already had it on the trailer, and we had 2 hours before we had to start heading back home, so we figured "what the heck"!

These are some of the single family homes we saw that just blew us away!

Here are some other interesting sites...

Someone's personal "sea" plane, a church on prime lakefront property, a blue heron basking on someones float, and the bottom 3 pictures are of the old abandoned Bledsoe's Beach. It used to be a resort type complex. The large building was like a dance/reception hall. I love that they used to have parking meters for your boat!

It was an awesome day!

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Lori McDonough said...

Sounds like a really fun, romantic day. That's so awesome. Love the matching sunglasses, too! :-)