Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Tree House Saga

Last summer, Dave started building a tree house for the kids up at the lake. He called the county "building department" to see if he needed a permit for it, and after several phone calls was told "no permit necessary". So he ordered lumber, and began building.

Well, about 3 weeks later, we got a certified letter in the mail from the county "planning department", that we needed a site permit, and were to cease and desist and tear down what he had already built.

Not being the kind of guy who gives up easily - kind of like a dog with a bone - he contested the order, talked with various county officials, contacted our attorney, talked to the Department of Natural Resources, etc... What it boiled down to was that the "structure" was only 17 feet from the lake shore - and 20 feet is required for a site permit. Now mind you, they measures when the lake was at its highest level in years, but that didn't seem to matter.

We were told to move the tree house to another tree - well, that really wasn't an option - the tree house was being supported by 3 trees - the only ones on our property we could use. So if you can't move the structure, what do you do?
You move the lake shore!

We applied for and were granted a permit from the DNR to install a rock sea wall - which we installed this summer with the help of a slinger truck, a belt truck, and several extra hands - and low and behold the lake shore is now 20 feet from the closest tree/structure!

Upon our return from Panama, we were informed that we could officially continue work on the tree house. And work we did. I think that Dave spend most of his time at the lake this summer working on the tree house. And I think that I am now on a first name basis with every boy working in the "board barn" at the local Menard's.

My "manly man" doing some "manly" work!
With help from a variety of friends and family, the tree house is officially complete. Well, we still have some finishing/detail projects to finish, but it is completely under roof, sided, painted, railing done, dutch door installed, etc.

So what do you think?


Lori McDonough said...

Hooray! It looks so great with the door and the railing! Your kids are the luckiest!!! I predict a tree house boom on Crooked Lake!

Anonymous said...

Awesome Jeannine. That's was I call Perseverance. Happy New Year!