Friday, September 5, 2008

Picnic Quilt Set Almost Done

I have been trying to finish up the picnic quilt set that I started earlier in the week for my church silent auction next Friday. The organizers want all the items in by Monday. So with the exception of finishing the hand sewing on the binding and trimming the ties, I am done.

I found a pillow case that is very similar to the color wave and style of the sheet pieces I used in the quilt. I bought it at a thrift store this morning for $0.79!! So I made it into a tote bag to hold the quilt and all the picnic stuff...

It is lined with the same yellow and white polka dot fabric in the quilt, and there is a pocket inside that holds all the plates.

I also whipped up some fabic napkins in the polka dot and floral sheet fabrics.

All the winning bidder has to do is provide the food and drinks and away they go!

I need to give the organizers a dollar value so they know where to start the bidding. Any suggestions as to what this would cost or what you would pay?

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Lori McDonough said...

J-that is the sweetest little set EVER!!!!!! You are the most talented person I know! WOW! I say you start the bidding at $$Priceless$$