Wednesday, September 3, 2008

One of My Current WIPs

I was asked to make something for our Church Fund Raiser Silent Auction that is taking place next Friday night. Of course being the procrastinator that I am, I have put it off till now!

Last night I was rooting around in my very messy quilting/craft room to find something to inspire me. I found a set of old sheets that I had picked up at a rummage sale for $1, and some yellow and white polka dot fabric that I'd found a while back on a $1/yard sale rack at the fabric store (that I had no idea what I woud do with it, but at $1/yard, I had to have some!), and started this...

My inspiration came from
this quilt I'd seen on Hambone and Jennicakes blog. Mine may not be as cute, because I am only using one sheet pattern instead of many, but with the fabric I have and big squares, I think it will come together quickly and be pretty cute. I am going to make mine a square picnic quilt. I also found these in my garage...

that I had gotten in an old picnic basket I picked up somewhere. I use the basket to store stuff in my office, but didn't have a use for these, but they were so cute and so retro that I just couldn't get rid of them. I knew that someday I would find the perfect thing to do with them. I have a set of 6. I am going to put them together with the quilt and make a picnic set.

Being in a time crunch, which do you think would be better - tying the quilt of just doing a stitch in the ditch or other straignt line machine quilting. I can only do straight line quilting here at home - I tried doing free motion machine quilting with my machine - that is not designed for that - with disasterous results earlier this year. You can read the whole drama here. So some sort of straight stitch machine quilting or tying it are about my only 2 options at this late date. Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Lori McDonough said...

I have no idea what you are talking about with the technical quilting terms...but the WIP is SO SWEET! You know i love the colors...ADORABLE!!!!!

jennicakes said...

I love that!!! I think I have a fat quarter of that sheet!

Tying might be a good option, because I think it looks sweet and old-fashioned. Which doesn't work for every quilt, but definitely on something more vintage.

I don't free-motion on my machine, because it's a just a mess, but I am a fan of stitching diagonal lines across some of the squares. You can mark a nice straight line with masking tape!