Saturday, September 6, 2008

New Obsession - Recycling - or Upcycling

While I was at the thrift store yesterday looking for more vintage sheets and pillowcases, to use in quilts, I walked past the sweater isle, and got an idea...

Cutting up old sweaters and making pillows! I'm sure that it is not a completely original idea - after purchasing a few and going home and doing a search on the internet, I did find a few, but non-the-less, I came up with the idea without seeing it somewhere else first, so to me, that makes it original!

So here is my first attempt at converting old "discarded" sweaters into home decor.

I thought if I used a cardigan it would provide a quick and easy way of putting the pillow form inside.

The cream, blue and green sweaters I picked up at the thrift store yesterday for a$1 each. I only got ones that were 100% cotton - I figured if that is the only type of sweaters I like to wear, it would be the only ones I should use for my pillow. The blue one is actually a Ralph Lauren - I will use the part with the Polo player on another pillow! The yellow sweater is one that I had in a bag to donate myself, because it had a tear in it - but I loved that sweater - it is cotton and silk and it feels so nice, so I decided to use it in my pillow!

Upon cutting them up, I thought of some other things to do with the sleeves and the bottom ribbing, so stay tuned for what I convert those into. I don't want to tell you what they are quite yet, incase they don't turn out as well as how I have them pictured in my mind!

I think I am going to donate this one to our church silent auction too, but check out my etsy site in the next few weeks if you would like a snuggly sweater pillow of your own, I bought some other sweaters I plan to convert also!

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Lori McDonough said...

I love these! So much fun! The possibilities are endless!!!! You rock!